The Beast of the East Championships - Virtual Event - Dec 20th

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Our Last 2020 Virtual Event Dec 20th! Once you Register  we will send the dropbox link to upload your video.  When you are ready to Film your routine text us for your unique code and you have 10 minutes to upload them.  The last day to submit Videos is Thursday Dec  17th


$200/ team for 1-9 athletes Choose XS

$300/team 10-19 athletes Choose Small

$400/team 20-29 athletes Choose Medium

$500/team 30+ athletes Choose Large

Want to Mail in a Registration form?  Click Here

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To View the Performance Schedule CLICK HERE

See you on our FACEBOOK PAGE 9am sunday the 20

Rules For Virtual

1. Register

2. Email/text us what teams you have and about when you think they are going to film

3.  When you are ready to film - Text us 609-330-8413 We will give you 3 things  A unique code to write on our Form and show it to the camera.  We will also give you a dropbox link to upload the video. YOU have 10 minutes to upload after we give you the code

Click here for the FORM to write your code on

Wait for us to send your scores

Sunday go to FB and watch the show - All videos and All awards will be live

Grand Champs will go to the following Divisions

All Star

Rec Star

Non Stunt - All divisions combined using percentages

All Star Prep


Traditional Rec/School